Cece Cramer-Daughter of Jim Cramer, Wiki, age, height- weight.

Cece Cramer is the daughter of Jim Cramer and the twin sister of Cammy Cremer. She is the only daughter of Jim Cramer. Cece Cremer was born on October 27, 1989, along with her twin sister Cammy. She is the oldest daughter of Jim Cremer.

Cece was born and raised in the town of Springfield, Massachusetts. She attended Springfield High School and graduated in 2007. She then attended college at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and graduated in 2011 with a degree in Communications.

After college, Cece moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. She currently works as a production assistant on various television shows and movies.

Cece Cremer

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Who is Cece Cramer’s father?

James Joseph Cramer (born February 10, 1955) is the father of Jim Cremer. He is an American television personality, former hedge fund manager, and best-selling author. As of 2020, he is a co-founder and chairman of TheStreet.com, Inc. and a host on CNBC’sMad Money.

Cece Parents

The early life of Jim Cramer

Cramer was born in Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia, to Jewish parents. His mother, Louise A. Cramer (née Nimz), was an artist, and his father, N. Ken Cramer, owned International Packaging Products in Philadelphia, which sold wrapping paper, boxes, and bags to retailers and restaurants.

His mother was from a Christian background. Jim’s maternal grandfather was James Thurston Nimz from Wisconsin, who was of German and English descent. Jim’s maternal grandmother was Mary Agnes “Agnes” Kirk, who was from Pennsylvania and of Irish descent.

He has two older sisters, Lisa Cramer and Karen Backfisch. Karen, who is also a former journalist and one-time anchor at CNBC, is the president of the online retailer Backfisch Bazaar.

Cramer attended Springfield Township High School in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, where he edited the school newspaper. He graduated in 1973 from Harvard College with a Bachelor of Arts in government. At Harvard, he was a member of the Harvard Crimson wrestling team

Jim Cremer

Jim Cremer Career 

Cramer’s first involvement with business and finance occurred at age 11 when he saved enough money from mowing lawns to buy 100 shares of Cities Service Preferred for $539.00. He later sold the stock for $750, giving him a 39% return on his investment.

Cramer went on to work as a financial journalist and author. His first book, Second Chance: How to Make and Keep Big Money from the Coming Gold and Silver Shock-Wave, was published by HarperCollins. The book predicted the collapse of the U.S. dollar and a rise in gold and silver prices. In June 2006, Cramer’s latest book, Jim Cramer’s Mad Money: Watch TV, Get Rich, was published by Simon & Schuster.

Cramer is the host of CNBC’s Mad Money and a co-founder and chairman of TheStreet, Inc.

Jim Cremer

Cece Cramer Career

Cece Cramer’s career has been saved secret. But she grabbed people’s interest via way of means of being the daughter of Jim Cramer, an American TV personality. From a few trusty sources, we’ve discovered that Cece moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue a profession in the enjoyment industry. She presently works as a manufacturing assistant on numerous TV suggests and movies

Body Figure 

Cece always hides her all personal matters from the public. Her exact figure information was unknown. She always avoids mass media about her personal information. She has the only  familiarity that she is the daughter of Jim Cremer

Marital Status of Cece Cramer

Cece Cramer’s marital status remains a mystery as she keeps her private life very secret and hence it becomes very difficult to find information about their relationship. In addition, her father and mother married in 1988 and gave birth to her and her sister. Emma. But her parents divorced in 2009 and her father married another woman named Lisa Cadette Detwiler in 2015.

Social Media Presence

Cece Cremer is not active on social media platforms. She does share her private information on social media. We could not find out any of her social media IDs- like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Her father Jim Cremer is very active in social media.

Cramer Family


Cramer’s father Jim is active on Instagram under the tag name (“@jimcramer”), where he has 82,800 followers and has published over a hundred posts. On His Instagram, Jim has uploaded many photos and videos with his family and friends.


Jim is present on Twitter with the ID name (“@jimcramer”). He has 1.7M followers and tweets 120.5K times.


In addition, Jim created a verified Facebook account named “Jim Cramer”. He has 215K followers.


Jim created a YouTube channel named “Jim Cramer &TheStreet”. It has 119.5K subscribers. In the channel, he uploaded many business and financial analysis videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Cece Cramer, and what is she known for?

Cece Cramer is a renowned entrepreneur and advocate for environmental conservation. She is known for her innovative contributions to technology, her philanthropic work, and her dedication to creating a sustainable future.

2. What inspired Cece Cramer to pursue entrepreneurship?

Cece’s early interest in science and communication inspired her to explore entrepreneurship as a means to create innovative solutions for everyday challenges.

3. How can I get involved in environmental conservation like Cece Cramer?

Getting involved in environmental conservation starts with small steps, such as reducing waste and supporting eco-friendly practices. You can also seek out local organizations and initiatives dedicated to conservation.

4. What awards and recognitions has Cece Cramer received?

Cece Cramer has received numerous awards for her contributions to technology and environmental conservation. Specific awards may vary over time, but her dedication to these fields has earned her widespread recognition.

5. Where can I learn more about Cece Cramer’s work?

To learn more about Cece Cramer’s work and contributions, you can visit her official website or follow her on social media channels for updates and insights.



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